Application Note:How-to make FLIM and 3D measurements with SPC2

Two new application notes for SPC2 camera about FLIM and 3D acquisition


Application Note: SNR and Dynamic range comparison between CCDs and SPC2

Read our new application note about SPC2 vs CCDs


SPC2 Fast Gated Camera, NOW Ready

The new MPD SPC2 is a SPAD camera based on a 2-D imaging array of 32 x 32 smart pixels. This on-chip integrated device provides single-photon sensitivity, high electronic noise immunity, and fast readout speed up to about 50.000 frames per second. It features high photon-detection efficiency in the visible spectral region and low noise. The camera differs from conventional Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD) or scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors because it performs a “fully digital” acquisition of the light signal, i.e. each pixel effectively counts the number of photons detected by the sensor during the acquisition time.


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