President - Co-Founder

Prof. Sergio Cova, fellow IEEE, pioneered the development of SPADs, opening the way to their application with the invention of the active-quenching circuit AQC. He is author of over 200 papers in International Journals and holder of 5 EU/US patents.

Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder

Dr. Roberto Biasi, Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1995. He has been involved as research engineer and project manager in several leading projects in adaptive optics and telescope design. He has well-consolidated project management and design experience in the fields of electronics and sensors and deep technical know-how in electronic systems and sensors.

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Andrea Giudice obtained his Ph.D. in Information Technology at Politecnico di Milano in 2003 on silicon Single Photon Avalanche Diodes and Active Quenching Circuits. He is currently involved in the design, characterization and validation of SPAD-based photon counting modules. He is also expert in design, validation and characterization of electronic devices and circuits.

Production Manager

Mr. Georg Simmerle obtained his degree from the Electrical and Telecommunication Technical high school in Bolzano in 1997. He is expert in module assembling, prototype testing and system integration. He joined MPD in 2006 where, after refining his technical skills and design capabilities, currently manages production and quality assurance of MPD products also designing and fabricating all experimental test benches for MPD products.